Steering column gauge holder and boost gauge

While viewing other owners skylines I came across a rather neat looking 52mm gauge holder which replaces the top of the steering column so you can have a gauge right in front of you. By now I had fitted an 2 pod a-pillar gauge holder which had a boost gauge fitted but I was finding it annoying as it was impeeding on my field of view and had to take my eye off the road to read the gauge properly.

After asking the owner where the gauge holder came from, it transpired it came with the car when he bought it and they had no idea where it came from, so on a mission and after searching online for an hour or two I managed to find a trader in Japan who had a few of these steering column gauge holders in stock. In the end I had to cable tie it in place to secure it as the sections to screw into were thin and too brittle so not up to the job. Relocated the boost gauge and removed the a-pillar pod altogether.