TD15 18g \ R34 GTT rebuild

Initially I bought an R34 GTT turbo with the intention of getting it rebuilt. Then the opportunity came up and I got hold of a TD05 18g which came off an RB25 engine, it also came with the turbo elbow welded on and a downpipe. The TD05 18g due to its size and steel internals spools up rapidly and can hold up to 1.6 bar.

Pictures comparing the R34 GTT (left) and TD05 18g (right) turbos

Rebuilt R33 hybrid turbo

Rebuilt OEM turbo with a Garrett core with 360deg thrust bearing, larger compressor and turbine wheels (steel), housings machined to suit wheels, enlarged\ported wastegate hole with larger penny and uprated adjustable actuator.

Pictures comparing the TD05 18g (left) and R33 hybrid turbo (right) turbos

Picture comparing a hybrid turbo (left) with a standard turbo

Pictures of the hybrid turbo

Picture of the turbo, HKS downpipe, APEXi turbo pipe, Z32, lambda sensor, copper gaskets (3mm), injectors and colder spark plugs

Picture of the turbo in place