R33 GTR alloys

After the stage 2 remap it was becoming apparent that my current alloys are not wide enough and not giving me decent traction \ grip.

So managed to swap them and the spacers I had for a clean and tidy set of R33 GTR alloys which are lightweight, forged and most importantly 9J in width - allowing fitment of 255 tyres as opposed to my current 225s.

Without the need of spacers they have the perfect offset and fill the arches nicely

A few months later a set of black GTR alloys with Toyo TR1 tyres came up for sale and I grabbed them and sold on my silver GTR alloys as I had plans to paint them white or black anyway so these saved me getting this done and I needed new tyres so all worked out nicely.
I also got and fiited black Ultrlight wheel nuts.