Rear Upper Strutbrace

A bit of a job as you need to take out the rear seats and parcel shelf to gain access to the rear struts. I was replacing my seats at the time and would advise that you remove one of the seats to make access to the back a lot easier. Getting the rear seats out is pretty straight forwards, once you have the bottom section out look for 2 bolts at the back one at the bottom either side holding the rear upright in place, once these are out you just need to lift out the rear upright section off 3 hooks. The parcel shelf is a bit fiddly as the pillars have some plastic extensions at their end helping to hold the parcel shelf in place.

I also had to disconnect and removed my rear speakers as they are aftermarket ones and are high and will not allow the brace to fit, so will need to source some new rear speakers which will fit.

The rear strut brace (made by Japspeed)

Back seats and parcel shelf out

Fitted and tightended up