R33 GTR seats and harness

The standard R33 GTST seats are not very good at holding you in place so had been looking out for suitable bucket seats but knew that I would most probably need to go through the hassle of modifying the rails to get them to fit which may also cause the seats to sit high up, also some of the cheaper bucket seats dont allow them to be folded forwards so access to the back would be a problem. So decided to get some GTR seats, got a second hand drivers seat and fitted this, a few months later managed to source a passenger seat as well.

Along with fitting the seats thought I would fit harness as well. After doing some research on the different types etc I decided to get ones which are fitted using eyebolts with one of the eyebolts replacing the bolt that holds in the rear seatbeld holder, this meant that the harness are not a permanent fixture and can be unbolted and left in the back when not is use.