Anti-roll bars

Wanted to replace the standard anti-roll bars (front and rear) to eliminate body roll to assist with overall handling.

The first option I looked at was to replace the stock rear bar with a GTR one which is a direct replacment but thicker (GTR fronts are too wide for a GTS), see pic below that compares the two:

I would have then needed to source new bushes and droplinks.

Taking into consideration all the costs and the possibility of bushes not fitting etc I decided to get a set of Whileline bars which come with the correct bushes and droplinks and I went for the adjustable ones.

The Whiteline rear bar worked out being not too much more than that a 2nd hand GTR bar and new bushes.

The Whilteline sway bars I got were:

Rear - Swaybar-h/duty Blade adjustable - BNR11Z - 20mm
Front - Swaybar-h/duty Blade adjustable - BNF24Z - 24mm

I also had to buy some Whiteline droplinks (part number KLC008) for the front bar which dont come with the bar unlike the rear one, these weren't too cheap either but compared to the stock droplinks they are a lot stronger and fully adjustable.

Rear anti-roll bar (droplinks attached to the inner most hole)

Front anti-roll bar (droplinks attached to the 2nd inner most adjustable hole)
Compared to the stock bar - not as much different compared to the Whileline rear\stock but is obviously thicker and stronger.

... 2 days later and I heard a loud bang from the front passenger side so pulled over to take a look to find that the droplink has snapped in half...

I think the lesson learned here is fit and adjust droplinks on a level surface (ramp etc) and not while the car is jacked up! So got another set of droplinks and got them fitted properly !!